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Criminal Case about Purchasing the Bus for the Ministry of Culture

In 2000 a criminal proceeding about the negligence of the officials in so called bus case of the Ministry of Culture was initiated by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Riga Court. In 1997 R.Pīks, as a Minister of Culture, signed an authorization which was used to conclude a lease agreement with the Parex bank regarding purchase of the double-decker Neoplan. Ministry of Culture did not settle an account in a due term as stipulated by the agreement, because there was no funding for it in the budget of the ministry. Bank turned to the court and the court decided that the ministry should repay LVL 150 000 to the bank, which was nearly twice as Neoplan cost at the moment of the purchase (LVL 76 000). 

Eventually in a settlement process the sum was reduced to LVL 130 000 and paid thereof. Criminal proceeding was initiated according to the section about the failure to fulfil the officials’ duties as well as about negligent, irresponsible or bureaucratic fulfilment of the duties that caused a substantial detriment to the interest of the state or society. Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged that R.Pīks has violated the law, because purchase was not coordinated with the Minister of Finance and tender was not organised. Case was forwarded to the police for investigation, but after one and a half year it was closed due to the lack of corpus delicti. 

Prokopova, E. KM autobusu izmanto tūrisma firmas. Diena. 23.08.1999
Prokopova, E. Būs krimināllieta par KM autobusa iegādi. Diena. 11.01.2000
Šņore, I. Izbeigta krimināllieta par Kultūras ministrijas autobusa "Neoplan" iegādi. Leta. 12.07.2001

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