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Lost the Trust of the Employer due to Exposure of the Data on the Victims of Zolitūde Tragedy

In March 2014 after an internal examination, the director of the State Emergency Medical Service (NMDP) Armands Poriņš made a decision to dismiss his deputy M.Šics, who had lost the trust of the employer. The examination was initiated after M.Šics, who on the following day of the collapse of Maxima supermarket and without the approval of the executives, sent the information about the deceased and casualties of the tragedy to M.Šics still regards his actions legitimate. His dismissal was also opposed by the Nursing and Healthcare Personnel Trade Union (LĀADA), therefore, in order to dismiss M.Šics from the office, NMDP decided to apply to the court.

During the investigation NMDP draw to the conclusion that on 22 November messages containing unclarified and operative information intended for internal use only have been sent to the third parties from the electronic mailbox of M.Šics; information contained data about the deceased of Zolitūde tragedy as well as names, surnames, personal codes and diagnosis of living individuals. The Service pointed out that this data is protected by the law, moreover, M.Šics did not coordinate the transfer of the data with executives and initially denied his actions.
M.Šics confirmed to the media that he sent the information to but that he did not view his actions as negligent. He tried to justify that the information was sent to professional lawyers so that they can compare it with the data at their disposal obtained from the people on the spot of the tragedy and to inform the society about the deceased. Moreover, the data containing information about casualties has not been published.

During the internal audit, NMPD had also discovered other substantial disciplinary offences in the work of M.Šics, including obligation to ensure the secrecy mode while operating with the objects of official secret and classified information of NATO and European Union. He also had not developed procedures and algorithms for the action of NMPD in the situations of emergency and at the risk of such situations.
LĀADA did not agree with the dismissal of M.Šics. The Chairwoman of the Trade Union Daina Brūvele indicated that the board has drawn to the conclusion – the employer’s notice is legally unjustified and the explanations do not provide sufficient proves of the unlawfulness of Šics’ actions. If the Trade Union disagrees with the dismissal, employer is entitled to proceed to the court in order to dismiss the employee. NMDP informed that it will follow this stipulation.

Miļūna, K. Amatā atjaunots NMPD direktora vietnieks Šics. Leta. 24.02.2014
Miļūna, K. NMPD vērsīsies tiesā par darba attiecību izbeigšanu ar Šicu, Leta. 17.03.2014

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