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Conflict of Interest when Voting for Own Transport Compensations

K.Seržants is one of the members of the Administrative Committee of the 10th Parliament that were fined by the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) due to the situation of the conflict of interest. KNAB fined 13 members of the Committee, who, during several sittings, have made decisions regarding themselves, ruling about reimbursement of communication, rent or transport expenses. It would have been possible to avoid the conflict of interest, if the Committee would make individual decisions about each MP instead of a joint list of MPs, and each MP would abstain from the vote on him or her. K.Seržants approved the allocations to 23 parliamentarians, including himself – transport expenses of 179 lats. KNAB imposed K.Seržants a fine of LVL 60.

On 16 June 2011 Saeima agreed to hold K.Seržants administratively liable for the above mentioned violations.

The comment provided by K.Seržants to the web site of pre-elections “Vote on compensations to the joint list of MPs took place on the second week of the new Saeima. Half of the deputies of the committee had previous parliamentary experience, and I trusted their competence. Also the chair of the committee Ilze Viņķele should have known it.”

A.Vīksna “10.Saeimas deputāti visbiežāk sodīti par interešu konfliktu”, 24.08.2011.
Saeimas lēmumprojekts par piekrišanu K.Seržanta administratīvai sodīšanai

Combining Work as a Journalist and a Politician

Before the elections to the 10th Parliament the member of ZZS K.Seržants was moderating a TV broadcast “Degpunktā” (“In The Focus”) that gained him recognition. During the pre-election period K.Seržants did not moderate the broadcast due to the restrictions of the legislation. However, after being elected to the 10th Parliament, he resumed the work as a journalist.

During the 22nd Congress of the Latvian Green Party that took place after the elections, K.Seržants admitted to the other members of the party that there are still two different persons trying to co-exist in him – a member of the parliament and a journalist. Yet, he continued to combine those occupations even after these revelations.

According to the professional code of ethics, the job of journalist cannot be combined with active political carrier, as it does not allow to be independent while working for the benefit of the society, among other duties monitoring the work of decision-makers.

The comment provided by K.Seržants to „I have never combined the job of a journalist and a parliamentarian. The law allows members of the parliament to carry out pedagogical and creative work. I only moderated „Degpunkts” or saying old-style – was a narrator, as I did neither create the stories, nor did I make the contents of the broadcast, thus I did not influence it in any way. Yes, I gained recognition, but it required six years of hard work from me, creating the broadcast from zero, moderating it even in the heat of +39ºC or after a story making trip Rīga-Daugavpils-Rīga. I am proud that I could use my recognition in finding many lost people, expose many thieves and fraudsters, as well as return the hope to at least ten families hit by fire. Our broadcast has never been political, and even then, when I was in Saeima, nobody praised the politicians there.”

K.Seržants stopped working at the TV again before the elections to the 11th Parliament. After he was elected, he did not return to „Degpunkts”.

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