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Donations made by a state owned company to the Latvia Children’s Fund mark ties with a political party

In the last days of 2010 the state owned company “Latvijas valsts meži” (LVM, Latvia’s State Forests) donated a substantial sum of money – 3.68 million LVL – to various public benefit organisations. Latvia Children’s Foundation that is managed by the member of the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZS) A.Bērziņš received 129 710 LVL to organise summer camps for children with special needs, as well as the donation of 8004 LVL for the improvement of the material and technical infrastructure of the theatre “Zīļuks”.

The decision on donations was taken by the council of LVM consisting of 11 individuals. However, the concluding remarks on the decision belong to the Minister of Agriculture and the member of ZZS J.Dūklavs. This procedure raised doubts about fair division of the donations and suspicions about the ties between beneficiaries and the Minister. In 2010 LVM donated large sums of money to other organisations connected to ZZS and/or Ventspils, too, for instance, to the association “Līvāni” represented by ZZS parliamentarian J.Klauža, a motor club where the son of the mayor of Kandava R.Bārenis (ZZS) was training, sports association “Ventspils Olimpiskā cerība”, Ventspils youth football club, and Ventspils singing studio “Jūras akmentiņi”. LVM had donated a sum worth several tens of thousands of lats to the foundation managed by A.Bērziņs already in 2008, when the Minister of Agriculture was also the representative of ZZS M.Roze.

In May 2011 A.Bērziņš got in touch with the creators of and declined that the allocation of donations is connected to his party affiliation. Donations by the LVM to the Latvia Children’s Fund were made in the following years as well.

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Witness in the case of “Lembergs’ scholars list”

In 2007, together with several other members of parliament, A.Bērziņš gave evidence to the Office of the Prosecutor General in the so called case of Lembergs’ scholars list in connection to the unlawful payments to the members of parliament made from the “black box” of several Ventspils companies in 2001-2006. The Prosecutor General J.Maizītis indicated that an interrogation does not necessarily mean that the above mentioned parliamentarians had actually accepted unlawful payments.

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