Andrejs Mamikins
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Fine for the Insults to the National Honour and Respect

When on 18 November 2009 viewers were asked their opinion about the independence of Latvia during the interactive poll of the broadcast Bez cenzūras (Without Censorship) conducted by A.Mamikins, one of the answers offered was “a fatal mistake”. The National Broadcasting Council (NRTP) regarded it as an insult to the national honour and respect, and fined television LVL 1000. A.Mamikins considered that he did not breach the law and reproached the Council about the violation of the freedom of the press.

Owner of the broadcasting organisation TV Rīga Ltd. appealed against the fine, however the court dismissed the case due to the fact that the appellant ceased to exist as a legal entity.

Initially NRTP also declared that it will address an appeal to the Prosecutor’s Office, however later informed that it will not proceed, because the options for interpretation of legal provisions are too diverse to turn to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Dreijere, V. TV5 par Mamikina raidījumu piespriests 1000 latu sods. Diena. 22.12.2009
Dreijere, V. NRTVP nežēlosies par Mamikinu. Diena. 04.02.2010
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