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Abstained from the Parliamentary Vote of 26 May 2011 on Lifting the Immunity against the Search in the Place of Residence of Ainārs Šlesers

As a part of an extensive criminal process in May 2011 the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) addressed the Members of the 10th Parliament (MPs) and pleaded to lift the immunity and carry out search of the place of residence of the MP Ainārs Šlesers representing party For Good Latvia (PLL). Criminal process was initiated against corruptive offences committed by several officials of state owned companies. It was understood from the information provided by KNAB that A.Šlesers (PLL) was in the focus of the case, and that this case was connected to his indirect ownership in several enterprises. The majority of the Parliament did not support the plea of KNAB.

The MP of the 10th Parliament A.Klementjevs abstained from the vote on lifting the immunity of A.Šlesers, thus joining the number of MPs, who denied KNAB the right to carry out operational activity against A.Šlesers. The decision of the Parliament denying KNAB to carry out the search in the place of residence of A.Šlesers as a part of criminal proceedings was the main motive of the Parliaments’ dissolution initiated by the President of Latvia and supported by the electorate in the referendum of 23 July 2011.

Voting results (balsošanas rezultāti)

Conflict of Interest when Voting for Own Compensation

In 2011 The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) fined A. Klementjevs and other 12 MPs of the Administrative Committee, who, during several sittings of the Committee, have made decisions regarding themselves, ruling about reimbursement of communication, rent or transport expenses. It would have been possible to avoid the conflict of interest, if the Committee would make individual decisions about each MP instead of a joint list of MPs, and each MP would abstain from the vote on him or her. KNAB imposed A.Klementjevs a fine of LVL 80.

Kozule, E. Saeima piekrīt 10 deputātu saukšanai pie administratīvās atbildības. Leta. 09.06.2011

Not Giving Up the Deputy Mandate after the Vote-Buying Organised by His Brother

In the elections of 2006 to the 9th Parliament 17 MPs were elected from the list of Harmony Centre (SC), including Andrejs Klementjevs, whose brother Jurijs Klementjevs has been accused of vote-buying and, after a verdict of guilty, has discontinued the membership of SC. Public expected A.Klementjevs, who at the time was also the Deputy Secretary of the Parliament, to give up his deputy mandate, however he announced that he does not feel remorse because „I have not broken the law and have not encouraged anyone to buy the votes”.

Eksperts: Andrejam Klementjevam vajadzētu nolikt Saeimas deputāta mandātu. LETA. 11.10.2007.
Egle. I. Saskaņas centra vadība neesot zinājusi par balsu pirkšanu apvienības interesēs. Diena. 13.10.2007
Klementjeva brālis atstās partiju. Diena. 17.10.2007

Not Alarmed by Possible Falsification of His Signature in the Parliament

One and a half months before the elections of the 10th Parliament the name of A.Klementjevs emerged in connection to the falsification of signatures. An application was signed by 34 opposition parliamentarians, including A.Klementjevs, and dated with 9 August, when, according to unofficial information, the MP A.Klementjevs was abroad. Answering the question on his whereabouts, the politician counter questioned, „Why do you think I was not [in Latvia]?” The Head of the Legal Bureau of Saeima Gunārs Kusiņš pointed out that „the Presidium cannot carry out the graphologist expertise”.

Margēviča, A. Paliekot šaubām par paraksta viltošanu, Saeimas ārkārtas sēdi tomēr neatceļ. Dienas Bizness. 16.08.2010
Egle, I. Saeimas sēde sasaukta, iespējams, izmantojot viltu. Diena. 14.08.2010


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