Your donations are essential to Transparency International – Latvia (Delna)!

Why donate Transparency International Latvia? 

Delna has no regular sources of funding. The funding is mostly attained by implementing projects. Although project grants are the key source of financing, it inflicts limitations to the basic functions of Delna – being a watchdog of corruption - because projects have relatively specific aims, short terms, and restrictions to the budget. Stable funding from various sources is essential to Delna, as it guarantees the independence and efficiency of our performance.

Delna accepts donations in both forms – cash and in kind (materials, voluntary work), unless the reception of the donation jeopardises the independence of Delna in achieving the aims established in its statutes, the reputation and the integrity. It is possible to donate for general purpose of Delna or, after communicating with the office, decide upon a specific project currently implemented by the organisation.

We can assure that the money will be spent exclusively for the purpose indicated in your donation. It is established by the law as well as the integrity of Delna. If you will provide us with your contact details, we will give an account specifically on the use of your donations.

For the acceptance of donations Delna follows the guidelines of Transparency International.

How to donate Transparency International - Latvia? 

You can support Transparency International - Latvia in 3 ways, by

1. A transaction to the bank account

Requisites for donations in a form of a transaction to the bank account
Account: LV63HABA000140J035842 (Swedbank)
Registration No.: 40008037054
Legal address: 49-4 A.Caka street, Riga, LV 1011
Bank information:
Name: "Swedbank" AS
Address: 1a Balasta dambis, Riga,LV-1048, Latvia
Bank code: BIC/SWIFT Code: HABALV22

2. A donation from a bank card or via PayPal

Please follow these instructions in website of Delna. 

3. Donations to the Delna’s donation box

It is possible to donate anonymously to the donation box in the office as well as during the events organised by Delna. We do not accept anonymous donations that exceed EUR 3557 (LVL 2500).

Tax rebate for donors

Transparency International – Delna has a status of the public benefit organisation (Decree of the Ministry of Finance (in Latvian): Latvijas Republikas Finanšu ministrijas 2005.gada 21.oktobra lēmums nr.506 par sabiedriskā labuma organizācijas statusa piešķiršanu biedrībai „Sabiedrība par atklātību – Delna” | Certificate of registration).

Thereof according to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia the donors of Delna are entitled to the right of income tax rebate:

  • Legal persons are entitled to the tax rebate of enterprise income tax in the volume of 85% from the donation amount. For instance, if an enterprise donates EUR 1000 (LVL 702,80) to Delna, the enterprise is allowed to withhold EUR 850 (LVL597,38) from the enterprise income tax amount due to the State Revenue Service. For more information please read the Section 20.1 of the Law on Enterprise Income Tax.
  • Private persons are entitled to the 24% refund of the donated amount from the personal income tax, if a corresponding request has been submitted to the State Revenue Service.

We thank everyone, who has already supported the functioning of this web site!

We are grateful to everyone, who has already supported Delna or plans to do so! Together we can make changes! Your support gives Delna the freedom of action to react for the benefit of public interests.



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