Our work was performed with professional accuracy and was based on the information obtained from the mass media, online media, and public data bases. Please do inform us immediately in case there is a reason to believe that we are not up-to-date about all the circumstances, so we can assess additional information and correct this Assessment accordingly.  

Without carrying out additional independent verification, we assume that all information and data obtained are accurate and corresponding information channel takes full responsibility thereof.  Delna shall not be responsible and shall not provide any guarantees regarding accuracy of such information.

Effective legal acts of the Republic of Latvia and interpretation of those acts are taken into account when preparing this Assessment.  Interpretation of the legal acts by third parties, public sector institutions, and courts may differ from the interpretation of Delna in particular cases. Delna does not take responsibility for the modifications in this Assessment in case changes are required due to amendments to legal acts.

Opinion expressed in this assessment is not binding to the third parties, courts or other public sector institutions, and it shall not be deemed as a description of actual conditions, and/or as a guarantee that third parties, courts or other public sector institutions will agree to the opinion expressed by Delna. Delna does not take any responsibility regarding this Assessment, if it is used by the third parties or if the third parties rely on it. 

Assessment provided shall be used only for the informative purposes.

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