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Admits the Bribery Fact

In the interview to the weekly magazine “Sestdiena” on 12 March 2011 V. Dombrovskis admitted that in 90ties he has paid a bribe to the traffic police: “Well, I guess I hadn’t made unofficial payments to the doctors, but there was something with the traffic police in nineties.”

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Concerns about the Potential Effect of the Wife’s Business

Portal passed an opinion that the Prime Minister could be in the situation of the conflict of interest because of the business of his wife. Since 2004 Ārija Dombrovska, Prime Ministers’ wife, and Indulis Bukans, husband of the Prime Ministers’ legal advisor Sandras Bukane, have a shared business. Ā.Dombrovska and I.Bukans are the owners of the company “Land Development” that deals with real estate projects. In 2006 and 2007 real estate company received two loans (LVL 1,28 million in total) from the state owned bank “Latvijas Hipotēku un Zemes banka” (LHZB). Portal analysed data of the Land Register and the annual report of real estate company and came to the conclusion that the principal amount of the loan in 2 years period has not been repaid; moreover in 2010 terms of the loan have been modified, except the fine of 40% in case of delayed payment.  Portal considered that LHZB has possibly offered favourable conditions to the company linked to the Prime Minister. In his blog post V.Dombrovskis affirmed that „Land Development” Ltd. has re-paid to LHZB the principal amount of EUR 359 000 of the loan in 2009 and 2010, and that fixed amount of contract fine initially agreed has not been neither changed nor cancelled.

Before he took the Prime Ministers’ Office, V.Dombrovskis granted a loan of LVL 111 597 to the “Land Development” Ltd. drew attention to the fact that V.Dombrovskis is potentially interested in the improvement of the financial situation of the “Land Development” Ltd. Portal assumed that nomination of the S.Bukane to the office in the Board of the Ventspils Free Port is related to the considerable remuneration – in 2010 her salary was LVL 33 872. V.Dombrovskis explained that his private loans to the development of this particular company are granted before he was approved as a Prime Minister on 12 March 2009, and have been declared when assuming office in 2009 as it is stipulated by the law. Dombrovskis stressed that S.Bukane is representing the Ministry of Finance in the Board of the Ventspils Free Port and has been approved in the office with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers.

In the beginning of 2013 suspicion about the conflict of interest was increased assuming that “Land Development”, which was in debt, has improved its financial situation taking advantage from the residence permits policy that was advocated by the Unity. wrote that the company sold an apartment and a piece of adherent land to some Asian citizen for 111 745 LVL, wherewith purchase possibly was made to obtain a residence permit in Latvia. In accordance with the Immigration Law minimum amount required to purchase the immovable property in order to obtain a permanent residence permit is LVL 100 000. In the spring of 2010 Saeima adopted amendments to the Immigration Law that stipulates granting of the permanent residence permits in return to the purchase of the immovable property; party New Era, represented by V.Dombrovskis, voted against particular amendment. However, in 2012, when All for Latvia/TB/LNNK objected to granting residence permits in such a way, and even drafted a bill, Unity did not support it. In the summer of 2013 pressure of the National Alliance regarding resident permits increased, and in order to maintain a coalition Unity agreed to change terms on granting permits, but not to cancel them. Dombrovskis held a view that complete cancellation of the residence permits will have a negative effect on the state budget, or otherwise some “fiscally neutral solution”, for example, rise in the price of investments attraction should be found. In February 2014 he indicated that only approximately 6000 people have received residence permits while purchasing property which is only one tenth from the total number of around 60 000 individuals receiving residence permits in Latvia. “Therefore it is strange that we debate so much about those 6000 people, but are not interested in the rest 54 000” expressed V.Dombrovskis.  In October 2013 coalition parties’ compromised but the President of Latvia Andris Bērziņš required the amendments of the Immigration Law to be reconsidered by Saeima.

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Valda Dombrovska blogs. Manas atbildes uz konkurentu spekulācijām.

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Dombrovskis mierina: Masveida imigrācijas nebūs. 06.02.2014

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