Sandra Kalniete
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Loan from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Purchase of the Apartment

In September 1996 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted a loan in amount of USD 10 000 to Sandra Kalniete for the purchase of rental rights of the apartment on Antonijas Street in Riga. 10 years later, when newspaper Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze (Independent Morning Newspaper) published information about this deal, Ministry of Foreign Affairs acknowledged that this was an exception, and the money was granted taking into account S.Kalniete’s merits in the development of foreign service of Latvia, as well as difficulties to get a loan in a credit institutions at that time, bank crisis and the fact that ministry could not provide ambassador with the office apartment or any other flat, when she returned from Geneva – where she performed her duties. S.Kalniete also explained that after completion of ambassador duties in Switzerland, she had to find the place of residence in Latvia, but the limited options to receive a loan in credit institutions at that time was the reason why she turned to the management of the ministry asking for support. According to the information provided by the Bank of Latvia, 5 per cent interest rate that was applied to the loan was three times lower than to loans granted by banks. Till the middle of 1998 the loan was repaid as stipulated by the contract.

Zvērs, J. Valsts kreditējusi Kalnietes dzīvokļa iegādi. Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze. 24.08.2006
Latvijas Bankas "Monetārais Biļetens” 09/1996

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