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Case of „Rēzekne notebooks”

In August 2006 mass media published information about the recordings of the phone conversations made by the Security Police, which revealed that the leader of the New Era (JL) Parliament faction K.Šadurskis had possibly been aware of the existence of the party’s "shadow treasuries".

In August 2005, while carrying out the control in Rēzekne Meat Factory partly owned by the member of JL Guntis Piterenoks, State Revenue Service (VID) discovered offences regarding tax evasion and accounting frauds. A year later newspaper Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze (Independent Morning Newspaper) published recordings of phone conversations between G.Piterenoks and politicians of JL after VID had carried out the control. In those conversations G.Piterenoks expressed agitation about the fact that during the control VID had removed his notes, which possibly indicated that part of the income not counted for has been used for pre-election campaign of the party in Rēzekne. He mentioned the notes or the notebook also in the phone conversation with K.Šadurskis: „And, and also the expenditure, let’s say, some kind of money. Let’s say, I took my notebook. And, let’s say, expenses to the pre-election campaign and this and that. Well, a mad house. Who will and who won’t understand. [They] can also not understand, that [it was] for the pre-election campaign. It can be that or rather not – two letters there. The only thing is that I have signed for those sums.” K.Šadurskis did not display lack of understanding and neither that things said by G.Piteronoks would be surprising to him.

When commenting the recordings, K.Šadurskis at first told to the newspaper Diena that he did not pay attention to what he heard: „Maybe I was not curious enough; maybe I did not hear those notebooks.” However, later he told that he did not find it necessary to act in a special manner as the possible crime has already been investigated by law enforcement institutions. He also denied that the party would have a so-called "shadow treasuries" and the “notebook” is private notes of G.Piterenoks.

After the SRS (VID) control G.Piteronoks was removed from the party at his own will, however other actions of JL did not follow. When a year later recordings of the phone conversations became public, anti-corruption experts pointed out that, according to the rules of ethic advocated by the party, the responsibility and behaviour of the politicians, including K.Šadurskis, had to be treated with more strictness.

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) opened an investigation on whether the data retrieved by VID contain information on breaches of the regulations regarding financing of political parties. After a year KNAB draw to the conclusion that there are no grounds for allegations that sums of money indicated in the notebook have been spent to cover the expenses of JL. KNAB pointed out that it was impossible to carry out handwriting expertise because the Bureau received just a copy of the notebook while the original notes were given to Rēzekne Meat Factory by the Court of Rēzekne and had already been destroyed.

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