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Unauthorised Agitation During the Pre-Election Period

In the spring of 2009 before the June elections to the European Parliament (EP), as a part of a campaign financed by the EP, I.Vaidere was advertising her personal web site that invited to vote for the party she represented – Civic Union. Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) acknowledged that the advertisement of I.Vaidere contains the features of the unlawful pre-election agitation materials, and the party was fined. The politician did not agree with the opinion of KNAB.
At the end of April 2009 – during the pre-election period to EP – advertisements financed by EP were broadcasted on the TV, promoting the personal web site of I.Vaidere. A banner appeared on the web site, inviting to vote for the Civic Union in the upcoming elections to the EP.

The law on pre-election agitation states that it is also considered to be an “advertising of a deputy candidate in the mass media or otherwise, if it contains a direct or indirect invitation to vote for or against any political party, association of political parties, voters associations or a deputy candidate”. KNAB indicated that the web site advertisements of I.Vaidere correspond to these provisions.
I.Vaidere held a view that the reproaches are inappropriate, however the campaign was discontinued. She told that the web site has been developed only in order „to fill in the gaps of information on the operation of EP” and „to grant an opportunity to the electorate of Latvia to ask questions and receive immediate answers to all the questions connected with working for EP.” Initially the banner was removed from her web site, and few days later also the campaign was discontinued – the decision was made by the board of the party.

The researcher of Providus Iveta Kažoka pointed at necessity to discuss, if the use of the EU funds in the campaign is ethical and lawful. Namely, if the advertisements paid by the EP are not included into the party expenditure limits, then there are no equal opportunities among the candidates, whereas in case political advertising financed by the EP is viewed as "third parties" advertisements, it could conflict with the law.

KNAB acknowledged that the Civic Union has received unauthorised EP donations of LVL 12 975 for distribution of the pre-election agitation of I.Vaidere. The party had to pay both – the amount of this donation to the state budget as well as the fine of LVL 500 imposed by KNAB.

Before the 2009 elections to the EP, similar to other candidates, I.Vaidere appeared a guest of the radio SWH portrait broadcast Ar dziesmu par dzīvi (With a song about the life). Radio denied the information provided by unofficial sources that guests are being charged for the participation in the broadcast.

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