Ilona Jurševska
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Former President of Ventspils Nafta Steered as a State Representative in Latvijas kuģniecība

Three months after I.Jurševska became the Minister of Welfare, Olga Pētersone, the former president of joint-stock company Ventspils Nafta (VN) who within the circles of transit business was regarded to have close links to the mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs, was approved as the representative of the ministry in the council of joint-stock company Latvijas Kuģniecība (LK). O.Pētersone had to quit her position in Ventspils Nafta when A.Lembergs lost the influence in the council of the company, and the dominance was gained by the largest indirect shareholders – holding Vitol. Immediately after I.Jurševska invited O.Pētersone to work for the council of LK. The Ministry of Welfare could delegate a representative to the council of LK, because at that time its subordinate State Social Insurance Agency was a holder of 10% of LK’s shares.

The party For Latvia and Ventspils ruled by A.Lembergs was the partner of the Union of Greens and Farmers (ZZK) represented by I.Jurševska. The influence on the Government by A.Lembergs, who has been accused of grave crimes, has been admitted also by the former Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis (Unity) – although A.Lembergs do not attend the sittings of the coalition in person, his opinion is represented by “those colleagues that are on the ZZS side of the coalition negotiations table”. Meanwhile, in an interview to journalists I.Jurševska expressed readiness to “putting hand on the heart, hundred percent, affirm that A.Lembergs has no influence on the work of the Ministry of Welfare”. According to her, O.Pētersone has been chosen to work for the council of LK based on her prior work with the council, and the key factor was her “competence, professionalism and knowledge about work that she as a state authorised representative has to carry out.” Previously O.Pētersone was steered for the position by VN.


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