Guntars Jirgensons
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Has His Photograph Taken for an Advertisement that has not been Declared as Donation to the Party

In the supplement Dzīves stils (Lifestyle) to the December 2003 issue of the newspaper Bizness & Baltija (Business & the Baltics) a series of photographs portraying eight members of the political party The Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party (LSDSP) was published; at the time those members of the party, dressed in antique costumes, were the deputies of the Riga City Council or held a high position in the executive structures of the Council. G.Jirgensons was among them. Politicians were wearing styled antique costumes they referred as purchased by their own means. Advertisements of several companies were published next to the photographs: Skjelland Group Baltic (SGB), Jukad, Tiltprojekts and Latvian—American Trade Co. Newspaper Diena established that two of the companies have paid several hundreds of lats for the advertisement. They also pointed out that none of the companies are enlisted as the donors of LSDSP. The party did not consider series of photographs published in the newspaper being an advertisement.

KNAB conducted an inspection and established that the December issue of the newspaper’s Bizness & Baltija supplement Dzīves stils was created by the newspaper itself, and it was financed by the publisher of the newspaper Medija un Baltija Ltd. Advertisements of several companies were published in the respective supplement, and standard contracts about a single advertising order have been signed and paid according to the invoice. Thus KNAB regarded this free photography session as the donation of the newspaper’s Bizness & Baltija publisher Medija un Baltija Ltd. to LSDSP, and the party was called to the administrative responsibility and fined LVL 125 due to disobeying the procedure of publishing the donation and not including it in the annual declaration of financial operations.

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