Fridijs Bokišs
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Involvement in the Communist Party after 13 January 1991

In 1995 Central Election Commission of Latvia (CVK) struck the representative of the Socialist Party of Latvia F.Bokišs off the ballots of the elections to the 6th Parliament due to the information provided by the Centre for the Documentation of the Consequences of Totalitarianism about his involvement in the Communist Party after 13 January 1991. At that time F.Bokišs was the chairman of the commission for party’s work organisation of the Communist Party Ludza district committee and was dismissed from the position only on 23 August 1991, when the particular position was removed. F.Bokišs litigated this decision of CVK in the Riga City Central District Court, where his complaint was ignored.

In 2005 F.Bokišs ran for the local elections in Ludza. The election committee of the town struck him off the ballots, and this time F.Bokišs appealed the decision to the Administrative Court. The court ordered to restore the candidate in the ballots. It was pointed out that the court decisions on his participation in the Ludza committee of the Communist Party have been contradicting and have been prepared based on different interpretations of legal standards.

A year later F.Bokišs, who at that time had become the deputy mayor of Ludza, ran for the elections to the 9th Parliament, but was not elected. However, in 2007 his participation in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and Latvia after 13 January 1991 was verified by the Riga City Central District Court. The local government of Ludza initially decided upon the retention of his deputy mandate, voicing the opinion that the decision of the Riga City Central District Court can be applied only to the Parliament, however two months later he was dismissed from the deputy and elective office work. Shortly afterwards F.Bokišs was approved for a newly-created position of a deputy executive director of Ludza municipality.

F.Bokišs appealed the decree of the local government on termination of his deputy mandate to the Administrative Court; furthermore he claimed compensation due to the forced absence from work for almost a year amid the termination of his deputy mandate and becoming a deputy executive director. He lost in several court instances. In 2010 he had a possibility to appeal the case to the Senate of the Supreme Court, however he did not proceed it, pointing out that he became tired of the litigation, and that the results would have been clear none the less.

The law states that individuals, who were involved in the Communist Party after 13 January 1991, are not permitted to run for the local government and parliamentary elections, yet this limitation does not apply to the European Parliament elections.

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