Elizabete Krivcova
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Personal Data Processing during the Elections to the Parliament of Not-Represented

In the summer of 2013 Data State Inspectorate (DVI) initiated an investigation and later detected violations in the actions of the Non-Citizens’ Congress led by E.Krivcova regarding personal data of individuals while organising the elections of the so-called Parliament of Not-Represented. DVI applied a fine of LVL 1500; it has been appealed in the court, therefore the decision of the Inspectorate has not yet come into effect.

The elections of the Parliament of Not-Represented took place in June 2013, and, according to the information provided by the organisers, 15 134 residents of Latvia took part in it. Elections were organised by the movement Non-Citizens’ Congress and the public organisation Non-Citizens Committee with E.Krivcova as one of its leaders.
Investigation of DVI came to the conclusion that more data than necessary has been collected in order to reach the objective, namely, to organise the elections, furthermore during the investigation representatives of the congress did not provide all the necessary information to the Inspectorate. According to the Latvian Administrative Violations Code, DVI applied a fine of LVL 1500 that has been appealed in the court. Therefore the decision of the Inspectorate has not yet come into effect.

After the so-called elections E.Krivcova told that the results can be regarded as the mandate to represent the interests of non-citizens and continue the activities of Non-Citizens’ Congress in order to dispose of the “heavy burden of the past – non-citizens’ institute” and to model the political nation. According to her, it is “a unique case”, when a public organisation achieved such high involvement of residents in just over two weeks period.

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