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Reprimands for Exerting Pressure

In November 2003 Valdis Pumpurs, at that moment Deputy Director of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB), who was suspended from his duties, informed media that Dans Titavs, advisor of the Prime Minister Einara Repše (New Era), has exerted pressure on him to speed up initiation of the criminal proceeding concerning violations of the officials related to the introduction of digital broadcasting.

According to V.Pumpurs, on 28 August 2003 D.Titavs has asked him to arrive to the Cabinet of Ministers and was interested why the criminal case has not yet been initiated. D.Titavs reproached him for being too slow in decision making and in performing his work, and pointed out that his efficiency will be evaluated by the new director of KNAB. V.Pumpurs said that he perceived it as interference in his work, furthermore the way D.Titavs talked was humiliating – he used bad and incorrect language. When asked if the digital broadcasting was the single case, which he perceives as interference from D.Titavs in the work of KNAB, V. Pumpurs said that it is the only one that can be proved.

Several days after the conversation mentioned by V.Pumpurs, Prime Minister E.Repše announced during live TV that criminal case about the digital broadcasting had to be initiated long ago, and on the next day the case was prosecuted. Three weeks later E.Repše appointed Juta Strīķe as an acting director of KNAB, and she took over criminal case of digital TV from V.Pumpurs.
D.Titavs acknowledged that he talked to V.Pumpurs: "In the case of digital TV we have demanded a dynamic action both with such conversations, in order to clarify, if something or somebody is hampering the investigation, and by requesting reports about the pace of the process, and if any help is needed. In case my interference has resulted in prosecution of the criminal case, and if Pumpurs didn’t want it so much, but was forced to do it after our conversation, then I’m glad". Though he cannot remember warning V. Pumpurs about the risk of losing the job.

Several days after V.Pumpurs’ announcement, the Prosecutor General Jānis Maizītis and acting Director of KNAB J.Strīķe acknowledged that criminal case on introduction of digital broadcasting in the initial phase was delayed – it has not been duly registered for two months thus preventing also Public Prosecutor’s Office from following investigation during this period. The focus of the criminal investigation was the misuse of the official duty, fraud and money laundering in the implementation of the digitalisation project worth many millions. Later allegations in this criminal case were raised against many individuals affiliated to the former Prime Minister Andris Šķēle; however, to Šķēle a witness status was applied.

V.Pumpurs informed about the pressure from D.Titavs when he was suspended from his duties pro tem, because he was prohibited to access information containing state secret. V.Pumpurs was reproached for insufficient control of subordinates, who work with the secret documents. Almost one month later – on 7 December – Constitution Protection Bureau announced that in case of need clearance to V.Pumpurs will be resumed, but the category of permit will be reduced from "of primary importance" to "confidential", defining that henceforth he will not be allowed to hold an office related with the securing of secrecy regime. Though beforehand – on 26 November - V.Pumpurs resigned and left his job in KNAB.

Advisor to the Prime Minister D.Titavs was blamed for exerting pressure for several times. In April 2003, a day after he was released, Armands Kalniņš, Head of the State Civil Service Administration, told journalists that D.Titavs was one of those Prime Ministers’ subordinates, who suggested him to look for a new position before the disciplinary case was even closed. At that time non-party D.Titavs told, that these were "typical, calm" conversations and in case A.Kalniņš „thinks it’s a hint, this is his problem." A.Kalniņš was released for misuse of authority.

In the autumn of 2003 conflict among government coalition parties became intensified and for a while it was considered to demand Prime Ministers’ E.Repše resignation. Inadequate influence of D.Titavs position in decision making and undemocratic working style was mentioned as one of the reasons.

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