Alfrēds Rubiks
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Imprisonment for the Attempt to Subvert the State Power

Immediately after the August Coup in 1991, Alfrēds Rubiks, former 1st Secretary of the Communist Party of Latvia, has been arrested in connection with accusation of the high treason. In 1995the court pronounced him guilty for the attempt to subvert the state power in Latvia with forcible measures, and sentenced him to 8 years’ imprisonment with confiscation of property. The serving of sentence was counted from the day of the arrest in 23 August 1991. Due to exemplary behaviour A.Rubiks was released before term in 1997.

In 2002 Riga Regional Court rejected the plea of A.Rubiks about early expungement; the official expungement time was 2005. The court justified the ruling, pointing out that A.Rubiks does not regret his actions and has not reformed. A.Rubiks addressed the court with identical plea also in 2004, and also then it was rejected. That denied the leader of the Socialist Party of Latvia (LSP) A.Rubiks to run for the elections to European Parliament in 2004.

Provided False Information to the Central Election Commission

In September 1996 Riga City Latgale District Court declared A.Rubiks guilty on charges of providing false information to the Central Election Commission (CVK). In 1995 while A.Rubiks was in a pre-trial detention isolator, his declaration was submitted to CVK stating that he was not involved in the Communist Party after 13 January 1991, Latvian Public Rescue Committee as well as foreign security services. He was spared the sentence as his crime had lost the danger to public. A.Rubiks did not plead guilty and appealed, however he lost also in the next instance in Riga Regional Court. In 1998, when the Supreme Court left the cassation complaint of the lawyers of A.Rubiks unadjudicated, judgement came into effect.

Lase, I. Rubika vainu neapstrīd Augstākās tiesas senāts. Diena. 09.01.1998
Krastiņš, J. Tiesa Rubikam nenoņem sodāmību. Diena. 26.10.2002
Saulīte, J. Tiesa noraida Rubika lūgumu par sodāmības dzēšanu pirms termiņa. Leta. 12.03.2004

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