Aleksandrs Mirskis
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Illegally Combining Service for the National Guard and Work as the Member of Parliament

In 2008 the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB) addressed the Parliament to turn the Member of Parliament (MP) A.Mirskis over for sanctioning due to violations of the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Activities of Public Officials; he has illegally combined the work of parliamentarian and service for the National Guard. Although KNAB acknowledged the breach of law, the case was dismissed due to expiry of the punishment imposition period stated by the law. The Parliament later amended the law, stating that MPs can combine public office with the service for the National Guard.

In the publication Grāfs Mirskis Minhauzens (Earl Mirskis Munchausen), newspaper Diena wrote that the inspection in the Ministry of Defence about the actions of the MP has been initiated in 2007 after A.Mirskis participated in Military World Games in India, dressed in a uniform that was unconformable with military rules. It was unfolded that he had not attended training for two years. During the investigation A.Mirskis approached the Minister of Defence with a complaint, and in 2008 he left the National Guard.

In the above mentioned publication Diena also mentioned that A.Mirskis has distributed false information about his service time during the military, and told that he served in Afghanistan, which is also not true. A.Mirskis sued the author of the article, journalist Gunta Sloga, for injuring his reputation and defamation, appealing 20 excerpts of the article, as well as claimed for indemnification of LVL 528 000 due to moral detriment. The process lasted almost four years until in 2013 the Supreme Court decided not to discharge the claim of A.Mirskis.

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