Advices for voters

Certainly go to the EP elections

In Latvia 2 myths regarding participation in elections exist:  In order to express one’s disappointment and protest against the actions of the ruling circles, it is recommended not to attend the elections. This myth is not grounded, and the spreading of it is of particular interest…

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Remember that every vote counts!

For instance, if 10 000 voters participate the elections, then to reach the threshold of 5% a party needs only 500 votes. However, if the number of voters reach 100 000, already 5 000 votes are needed. 

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Don't sell your vote

Do not allow any of the political powers to buy yourself off with making to trust in pre-election agitation on TV, regions or your mail-box. 

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Make sure your passport or ID is valid

In order to participate EP elections, one needs a valid passport or ID card, therefore make sure you check the expiry date in advance. 

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Plan your participation in elections in time

If for any reason on 24 May you will be abroad or will not be able to visit the polling station, you have a possibility to vote at certain times on 21, 22 and 23 May. Use this opportunity! 

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Get acquainted with candidates and parties’ programmes beforehand

Prepare yourself for the Election Day and study the lists of candidates and promises of the parties made on the web site of CVK or to find out, if they correspond to your expectations and intentions. 

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Express your will with crossing off or noting with a plus sign

In Latvia, contrary to many other EU countries, voters are entitled to the possibility to make remarks to the ballots, expressing their opinion and crossing off certain candidates or marking them with a plus sign. 

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Invite your acquaintances and relatives to act the same

Inform your acquaintances about their rights and possibilities to influence the results of the elections. 

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If you don't vote, you lose rights to criticize the members of EP

When you are not participating in the elections, you lose moral rights to criticise EU and the new convocation of the EP, whatever absurdities have been carried out.

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Lūdzu, autorizējies!

Lai balsotu, lūdzu, autorizējies ar savu sociālo tīklu profilu! Tavi personas dati netiek saglabāti!