About TI Latvia

The portal has been developed by the public benefit association „Association for Transparency – Delna”, which is the national chapter of the global coalition against corruption Transparency International. Delna was established on 27 August, 1998.

Vision of Delna

Transparent, fair and democratic society, which in politics, business and mutual relations is free from corruption.

The purpose of Delna

To promote the development of democratic society by facilitating freedom of information and prevention of corruption.

Values of Delna are as follows:

  • Transparency. We are open and providing transparency of our work.
  • Integrity. We value the truth. We are honest, accountable and respectful to our colleagues, partners and society. 
  • Collaboration. We collaborate with like-minded partners and believe in the strength of cooperation.
  • Accountability. You can trust us as we take responsibility for our commitments and work.
  • Courage. We are not afraid to maintain our opinion publicly and persistently.
  • Rule of Law. Our actions are based on operative legislation and we constantly fight for the rule of law.
  • Altruistic approach. We turn against corruption in the name of common interests, as in the public view corruption is a barrier of state development and welfare.
  • Independence. We do not rely on external influence and collaborate with partners that support and represent common values.

More detailed information about Delna and its performance is available on the web site: www.delna.lv


Office of the Transparency International - Delna is located in Riga, Čaka street 49 – 4, LV 1011. E-mail: deputatiuzdelnas@delna.lv, ti@delna.lv, Phone No: 67285585, Fax: 67285584.

About Kandidatiuzdelnas.lv

The main objective of this web site is to facilitate and strengthen political accountability and openness of the candidates by assessing candidates of the European Parliament and National Parliament elections of 2014. To increase the awareness of the population, especially knowledge of the youth, minorities and diasporas regarding elections and necessity to make an informed choice, by providing long-term and short-term objectives, detailed programmes and clear political position from all parties and their candidates.

The data base has three objectives in order to achieve it:

  • To refresh the memory of the electorate
  • To promote the accountability of the electorate
  • To promote the accountability of the political parties

To read more about the data base please click here. 

Project Kandidatiuzdelnas.lv is financially supported by a grant from the Foundation Open Society Institute in cooperation with the Open Society Initiative for Europe of the Open Society Foundation. More information about the foundation: http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/

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