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Assessment of criteria and assessment of candidates according to the criteria was carried out in several stages.

Assessment and update of criteria  

Taking into account that the data base is updated for the third time, team of Delna initially assessed criteria applied hitherto: amended and updated criteria according to the current events, previous experience and regulatory provisions.  

Selection of information about the candidates

According to the selected assessment criteria, a professional journalist summarised information about the 54 candidates to the EP, representing 9 different lists as their leaders. Information was selected, described and updated. Except for financial information in the section “Worth knowing”, only publicly available information was used to develop the content of the web site.

Volunteers and employees of Delna contributed to the development of the sections “Good to know”, “Former work”, “Promises” and “Finances”. Last two sections were supplemented by new and previously unpublished information.

Assessment of the candidates

Assessment of the candidates was carried out in three stages. Candidates were initially assessed by the employees of Delna. Afterwards assessments assigned were reviewed and harmonised by the journalist, who prepared descriptions of candidates’ biography, as well as representative of the members of Delna and representative of the Board of Delna.

Launching of the data base

The process of the data base creation was completed by the formation of the profiles of the candidates and publishing on the web site www.kandidatiuzdelnas.lv.

Last changes 05.05.2014

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