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Principles of information selection and analysis

Data base www.kandidatiuzdelnas.lv is developed considering the following principles and criteria.

  • Impartiality – all candidates and parties are assessed by a single methodology, described in the section „Criteria for selection and assessment of candidates’ information”;
  • Equality – all candidates have equal opportunities to add their comment about the content of the information published in this web site or provide comment by contacting Delna;
  • Collaboration – any user of this web site can participate in the creation of the content of the portal, using section “contact the creator” to express opinion, proposal or evaluation. Similarly user can contact us by e-mail: kandidatiuzdelnas@delna.lv.

The content of the web site is open to the comments of the users. The creators of the web site reserves the right to delete comments that injures reputation and dignity of individual, instigate to violence, racial hate and other unlawful actions, as well as all other kind of information that affects or may affect the operation and security of the web site.

Parties and candidates included in the data base

PARTIES. Information about 9 parties or party alliances out of 14 lists submitted altogether are included in the data base before the EP elections. The following parties are included (parties are listed in the sequence determined by the lottery):

The following factors stipulated the selection of the parties’ analysed:

  • Role of the party at the level of national politics – among selected parties are the current ruling parties in Latvia, regardless if they are in a position or opposition. Moreover, if the leader of the respective party, who has held a significant office at the national or European level, is also included in the list, summarised information due to the importance of the office is provided also about the leaders of the list; 
  • Previous representation in the European Parliament – the party was included in the data base for analysis, if the list of candidates includes current Members of European Parliament (MEPs) or candidates that were MEPs in the past;
  • Prospect to be elected – from the small parties or young political powers Delna decided to analyse those, which, according to Delna’s expectations or public opinion polls have a chance to overcome the election threshold of 5% and be elected

CANDIDATES. Delna decided to summarise information only about the leaders of the lists, taking into account the fact that only 8 MEPs will be elected from Latvia in these elections to the European Parliament, accordingly the competition will be keen high.

Delna summarised the information about the top 6 candidates from each of the analysed parties’ lists, regardless of the size of the party, its role in the national politics or prospects to be elected, as previous experience shows that no more than first 4 candidates are elected from each party list. 

Thereby before the elections of the European Parliament information about 6 candidates from 9 parties’ lists, altogether 54 candidates, are disclosed in the data base.

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